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Student Laundry Made Easy with Wash Cycle Laundry

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Just drop your dirty clothes off inside your dorm and get them back clean and folded the next day. Read below for more info about how the service works and who we are.  When you’re ready to sign up, just click below! We’re also happy to answer any of your questions — just reach out to

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Georgetown University Campus

Wash Cycle Laundry is Georgetown University’s Official Student Laundry Provider

Wash Cycle Laundry has been serving Georgetown University students since 2015.  We’re the only company that provides dorm-to-dorm laundry service for Georgetown undergraduates.

Beyond just cleaning clothes, we’re a mission-driven company dedicated to sustainability and creating second chances for people re-entering the labor market after histories of incarceration, homelessness, and other barriers.  Read more about us at The Hoya.

How it Works

  • Sign up here for a laundry plan. Choose service one or twice per week, for just one semester or all year long.
  • During the first week of service, you’ll receive your personal laundry bag. Fill it up with dirty clothes every week.
  • Every dorm has a specific day of the week for service (e.g., Tuesdays for LXR).  Just leave your laundry out by 10am on your service day and receive it back by 7pm the following day.
  • Enjoy your clean, folded clothes!
A drop point at Georgetown University

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my pickup day?

  • Once per week week service: Your residence hall is scheduled for a specific day each week. Here’s that schedule:
    • Monday: Harbin, LXR (Loyola, Ryder, Nevils)
    • Tuesday: Darnall, Arrupe, Copley
    • Wednesday: New South, Village C
    • Thursday: Quad
  • Every-other week plan: your laundry will be picked up on the days listed above during your color-coordinated week:
    • Blue Week: LXR, Arrupe, Copley, Village C.
    • Gray Week: Harbin, Darnall, New South, and Quad.
  • Twice per week service:
    • We will pick up your laundry on Mondays and Thursdays each week.

How do you process the clothing?

Our team takes care to return your clothes in great condition. This is a wash and fold service, meaning we put everything in washers and dryers. Since some of our customers prefer to use a normal laundry process for clothes that may be marked with special care instructions, our staff assumes that if you’ve sent clothing to us, your intention is for it to be laundered using a standard wash process on a normal cycle and tumble dried using heat.

Where should I leave my laundry?

Each Residence Hall has a designated pick-up location, or as we’ve named it: “Laundry Delivery Station”. There, you will find a sign and a Wash Cycle Laundry bin. Simply leave your bag in this bin and we’ll pick it up. Find your hall in the list below, and next to it are the details about your Laundry Delivery Station.

      • Alumni Square: Drop off at LXR, Loyola Hall lobby
      • Copley: Elevator Room
      • Darnall: Second Floor, near elevator
      • Harbin Hall: Lobby Vestibule
      • Henle: At Darnall, Second Floor, near elevator
      • Leavey Hotel: Third Floor Supply Room
      • Loyola Hall (LXR): Loyola Hall lobby
      • Kennedy: Lobby
      • McCarthy Hall: Kennedy Lobby
      • New South: First floor, Near Elevator
      • Reynolds: Kennedy Lobby
      • Ryder (LXR): Loyola Hall lobby
      • Village A: New South, First floor, Near Elevator
      • Village C East and Village C West: Village C East, Near Mailboxes
      • Xavier Hall (LXR): Loyola Hall Lobby

How quickly do you return my clothes?

You should drop off your clothes by 10am on your designated pick-up day, and you’ll receive them back by 7pm the next day.

What detergents do you use?

We use environmentally friendly detergents certified by the EPA as “Safer Choices.”

Are you just middlemen?

Nope! Your laundry is picked up, washed, folded, and delivered by our own employees. It never leaves our care from the time we pick it up to the time we deliver it to you.

How much laundry can I send?

You can fill the bag full!  Typically bags fit about two home washers worth of laundry, which is plenty for most of our customers. Students who change often, prefer to launder their bed linen frequently, or go through a lot of clothing (like athletes who send us sweaty gym clothes) may want to opt for twice-per-week service.

What is your refund policy?

We offer full refunds, minus a 3% credit card processing fee, until the first day of service. After service begins, sales are final.